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My Story...

I must confess that I never dreamed of being a wedding celebrant.​

However, I was inspired to become a celebrant when one of my dear friends and his future wife invited me to conduct their wedding. And as you surely imagined, I LOVED IT!!!

Later, I took a formal wedding celebrant training at the international academy 'Unboring Wedding Academy' which allowed me to improve the art of creating epic ceremonies.

Since then, friends and clients have asked me to conduct their wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and elopements all over Europe. I love to travel, and I've had the opportunity to perform ceremonies in fantastic venues, secret places in unique cities, breathtaking beaches, enchanting forests, and flowering gardens.

Each ceremony was imprinted in my memory as a unique and fabulous experience that I will never forget or be able to replicate.

The truth is that this journey, started by chance, has become my vocation, where my primary focus is that your celebration is everything you ever imagined or desired.

So it is a great honor and privilege to be part of your big day.


I am a nature lover.

In my free time, I love to do adventurous trails, long walks on the beach, and I am seriously dedicated to the art of surfing (although this dedication proved to be a real challenge).

I'm also the biggest foodie you'll ever meet :).

But what I love is LOVE, and the truth is that I've always had an enourmous passion for people and narratives, especially those that narrate life as a couple.

I believe in all forms of love and connection, and the pure happiness gained from the relationships with true meaning surrounding us.


Milene Frasão Viana, Brasil


We both always wanted a ceremony that represented us and that truly celebrated our love story.
From the first day, Joana was always willing to listen and help us.
We were delighted with the ceremony."
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