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   wedding of
     my dreams!'

Wedding Ceremony from 450€.

The ceremony for modern couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a meaningful and original way.​​

Together we will create a romantic celebration that truly reflects your values, love and story.


My total commitment is to

create unique ceremonies full of emotion!

I will help to find the perfect mix of elements that allow for a unique and exclusive ceremony.

The ceremony can be at night or during the day, indoors or outdoors, on a farm or the beach, in your family home, or where you first met.

You can incorporate friends or family - including your pets - contemporary rituals or family traditions, poems or song lyrics.

All ceremonies are fantastic, and the choice is yours alone!

In the end, you will have a beautiful and individual Wedding Ceremony, which overflows your personality, narrates the biography of your love story and is the true reflection of the two of you.

There may be an unexpected tear, typically from the groom, and there will be guaranteed laughter. But most importantly, it will be an extraordinary and memorable moment, a dream come true.

I believe you have come to me because you don't believe in having a civil ceremony whose script you have heard countless times, where unnecessary information is shared, and where there is no connection or visual contact.

Meeting a stranger only on the day of the ceremony, who will be responsible for leading one of the most important events of your life, might make you uncomfortable.

You want a way to celebrate your union without being governed by religion or rituals you don't identify with. Or you like to follow traditions important to both, but you want the ceremony to be light and not prolonged.

Symbolic marriage is the perfect solution.

Your symbolic Wedding Ceremony reflects your ideas, values and wishes, and together we will explore what you like and what you prefer to avoid on the day.

Milene Frasão Viana, Brasil


“We both always wanted a ceremony that represented us and that truly celebrated our love story. From the first day, Joana was always willing to listen and help us.
We were delighted with the ceremony."
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