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Frequently Asked Questions

A ceremony delegated by a celebrant is 100% centered on the couple's love story. It has no legal validity or associated religious nature. This ceremony can include all the rituals and elements desired by the couple, reflecting their values, tastes and interests.

How is a ceremony


by a celebrant?

What does a celebrant say at a ceremony?

As a celebrant, I like to invest a lot of time in getting to know the couple and understanding their expectations for the ceremony.

I don't follow a generic script. I create an original script filled with personal touches that tell the couple's real story.

How are you


I did a celebrant training accredited by the 'Unboring Wedding Academy'.

Alongside that, I love Love stories and meeting new people.

Also, thanks to my professional training, I have experience communicating publicly in Portuguese and English, which allows me to conduct a bilingual ceremony and convey your story.


our pets

be present?

Yes of course, they are always welcome.

Can the ceremonies be held

in a bilingual format?

Yes, all ceremonies can be held in Portuguese and English. 
Despite love being a universal language, the union of two cultures that speak different languages is not always easy to understand and follow. 
If you are planning a ceremony with guests who do not speak the same language, some of them may likely feel disconnected. A bilingual ceremony will make your guests feel welcome and included.

How far can you travel?

As far as you need me!

I currently live in the Braga district (Portugal), but I celebrate symbolic ceremonies all over the country.

An extra travel cost might be applied. Please contact me to confirm the ceremonies final prices.

We are going to celebrate abroad, can you be our celebrant?

A huge YES.

I LOVE doing weddings abroad, and I would be delighted to organize your fantastic ceremony. Contact me.

What is included in the price,

and how does the process work?

My unlimited support includes:

- An initial exploratory virtual consultation to get to know each other better;

- Questionnaires to know the couple and their story;

- Tips for writing your vows;

- Production of the exclusive script of the ceremony;

- Unlimited edits and revisions of your ceremony;

- A virtual rehearsal the week before your wedding day to ensure all details are clear for all parties;

- I always arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony to triangulate information with suppliers, a possible wedding planner, photographers and family members;

- Celebration of the ceremony and materials for symbolic rituals that the couple may or may not want;

- After the celebration, the final script of your union will be sent to you  so that you can relive it over and over again.

The symbolic ceremony lasts approximately 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the rituals and elements that the couple chooses to include.

How long does a

ceremony last?

What rituals can

we add?

All rituals and traditions that make sense to you and you want to add.
The exchange of rings, in itself, is already a ritual, but other symbolic rituals can make your ceremony even more special.
Some examples of rituals are handfasting, ring warming, sand mixing, tree planting, wine box, unity candle, among many others.
The choice is yours and you can create your own ritual.

Where can we have our ceremony?

In short, your ceremony can take place wherever, however and whenever you want, indoors or outdoors, in a public or private place. (As long as it is safe and authorized).

What is the price for wedding ceremonies, elopement, renewal of vows, interpreter and SOS celebrant?

For 2024, wedding, elopement and vow renewal ceremonies start at €450.

Ceremony interpreter services and SOS celebrant start from €350.

For the final quote I need to know the place and date of the ceremony, the language or languages to be applied and if you want a previous rehearsal in person.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made by cash and bank transfer.

To confirm your reservation, you will need to pay 50% of the total cost of the ceremony upfront.

The final 50% can be paid the week before the ceremony.

Milene Frasão Viana, Brasil


“We both always wanted a ceremony that represented us and that truly celebrated our love story. From the first day, Joana was always willing to listen and help us. We were delighted with the ceremony."
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