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'Only me and you,
​      you and me!'

You may want the celebration to be more adventurous. You have always dreamed of a ceremony on a Spanish cliff at sunset, on a Croatian beach, in the Tuscan countryside, or even in a secret place in your city.

​It can also be the case you want to surprise your partner with a surprise ceremony. Or you and your partner may not even want to waste time and want to get married as soon as possible.

Elopement is your answer.

Your Elopement Ceremony can be as unique, out of the ordinary and unexpected as the adventures of the rest of your lives.

The choice is yours!


Psst, I can even suggest some fantastic venues for your ceremony.

Sometimes what matters

is just the moment together!

Elopement Ceremony from 450€.

The ideal ceremony for couples who love adventure and intimate moments.

Share vows at your own pace, discreetly or adventurous, and wherever your heart desires.

Elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony that allows you the freedom to celebrate your union anywhere in the world and at any time of the year.

​Many couples find an Elopement Ceremony is more aligned with their values. It is an experience to be lived intensely and remembered with a smile instead of worrying about an excel sheet full of tasks to do and things to buy.

A ceremony with many guests may not be part of your plans.

You might prefer a ceremony without guests, without stress, without rules, simply a romantic celebration of your love that will be imprinted forever in your heart. Or, you might like a celebration with a small group of your biggest supporters.

You may even want to share your vows in the place where you met, but this, in turn, might not be a space for ceremonies.


Milene Frasão Viana, Brasil


“We both always wanted a ceremony that represented us and that truly celebrated our love story. From the first day, Joana was always willing to listen and help us.
We were delighted with the ceremony."
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